Eliminate Unnecessary Communication Time

Most business work tasks need others to participate, or at least be informed.

Self-tracking task methods, like spreadsheets and notebooks, do not allow for this and they automatically create communication issues. To improve communication while using these methods, the user needs to be pro-active and then use unnecessary productivity time and effort to meet, email, text, or call other stakeholders regarding the task status.

These to-do lists work great at home, but they slow down and can disrupt business activities because actions are not shared with important stakeholders as they happen.

Eliminating the failure points of task communication

When management issue tasks to others, these need to be tracked.

The tracking needs to happen not only by the person issuing the task but also by the assignee. This inherently has the possibility of two failure modes; management forgetting about or losing the task and the assignee forgetting about or losing the task.

Even if you have a sound and reliable team, you still need this duplicate tracking and work for each task. Plus, for every person on the team, they too need to keep their own task tracking solution that does not interact with the others.

With different tracking systems, each one working independently, they can cause more failure points. With all these possible failures, communication and getting things done will eventually break down. It is no wonder why the list of loose ends gets bigger and bigger for most organizations!

PDCA Complete fixes this by eliminating the need for different task tracking systems. This eliminates forgotten tasks, eliminates the duplicate task tracking requirement and significantly improves communication.

simplify business communication issues with the My Tasks page in PDCA Complete
PDCA Complete’s ‘My Tasks’ page, showing all of the tasks you are involved with in one place

Eliminate the ‘Squeaky Wheel’ syndrome

As the phrase goes, unfortunately, the squeakiest wheel does get the grease.

People change task focus on the fly depending on the current fire that needs putting out, whether or not they fully extinguished the previous fire! Also, this focus changes whether or not the squeakiest wheel is the most important business action too.

Ultimately, this means that previous task items don’t get fully closed out and then they get lost in the shuffle.

How does PDCA Complete solve these issues?

Using PDCA Complete, your team members need only use one task management system. Data only needs to be entered once. PDCA Complete handles the rest. This removes the failure modes due to different methods of tracking tasks.

No matter what previous self-tracking task system any team member previously utilized, PDCA Complete beats it. This includes:

  • Organizing tasks
  • Prioritizing tasks
  • Finding tasks
  • Reviewing your staff’s tasks
  • Tracking tasks
  • Issuing tasks to others
  • Approving tasks
  • Supporting tasks
  • Archiving tasks
  • Handling different modes of task origination
  • On-going task communication

My Task Panel

PDCA Complete, unlike any other self-tracking system, is based around a team of people for each task. The team members include…

  • the task creator
  • the task assignee
  • the task approver
  • any number of stakeholders

Stakeholders can be people who need to support the task or who need to be informed about the task as the task occurs. Team members are automatically updated as the task progresses through completion of the task. This eliminates the necessity of time sucking task communication between team members, no more unnecessary emails, meetings, texts or calls.

How does PDCA Complete improve task communication?

  • Auto emails to the team members for any new tasks
  • Auto emails to the team members when the task changes or updates
  • Auto emails to the team members when the team creates a task note
  • Auto emails to the team members when the task is completed
  • Auto emails to the team members when the task is approved.
  • Auto emails when the task is deleted.
  • Auto emails to the team members when the task is archived.
  • The task creator can upload an important file as necessary for each task.* All other team members have access to the file.
  • Each task in the team member’s My Task panel shows badges whenever there is new task, updated task or new note. See below.

*paid subscription only.


PDCA Complete eliminates the squeaky wheel syndrome in different ways.

First, tasks do not get completed from the task list without the team members knowing about it.

Next, each task can be assigned a priority number which can be ranked against the other tasks. Management then avoids the squeaky wheel effect by filtering the due dates and priority levels.

In addition, the supporting team can follow up on any tasks by creating notes which automatically gets emailed to all other team members. Tasks do not fall through the cracks!

business communication in PDCA Complete using the badges system
The automated badges in PDCA Complete quickly inform users of task changes

PDCA Complete works well with solo tasks too. You can still issue yourself tasks and they will show up on the My Tasks panel, along with the other team related tasks.

Your organization can freely start using PDCA Complete. We allow for three free users per business. When the first person signs up, they can then invite two other team members. The first person who signs up will have full admin rights. The next two users will not initially have admin rights.

You can view our support pages below for more information.

Signing up a new organization

Inviting your team

Setting up your team

Giles Johnston
Giles Johnston

Giles Johnston is a Chartered Engineer that spends his working life helping businesses to become more organized, more efficient and get back in control.