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A good meeting ensures that decisions are reached and actions are agreed.

Meetings are a part of everyday management and PDCA Complete can help you to drive up their productivity.

Never lose a task again

How many of your team members walk out of a meeting without writing down their actions?

If your organization is like many other you will either need to create an action log for the meeting, or rely on other people capturing their own tasks.

With PDCA Complete all of the tasks that are generated from the meeting flow to the My Tasks module where individual team members can see all of their tasks in one place.

When an action is complete it is still visible in the meeting’s record, so you’ll never lose a task again.

Task management software
View open meeting tasks

See all outstanding tasks in one go

The first agenda point for most recurring meetings is to review the previous meeting’s actions.

If you have outstanding actions from a number of previous meetings then you will either need to bring all of the actions forward to each subsequent meeting, manage several action logs, or risk missing the tasks entirely.

With our ‘meeting series’ function you can chain recurring meetings together so you can see the outstanding tasks with a couple clicks on the screen.

Ensure key meeting tasks are approved

As with the other task features of PDCA Complete, the meetings module is no different.

If you need to ensure that a task is reviewed and approved before it is deemed complete, then you can add this in when you create the meeting task record.

Plus, stakeholders can be invaluable in supporting the completion of key tasks. Everyone in the meeting becomes a stakeholder, so they are kept in the loop of all activities related to the task’s completion.

Task approval system
Standard meeting agenda

Create standard agendas to optimize your meetings

For each meeting series, you can create an agenda (which stays with each new meeting in that series) which assures you cover the key topics.

This is quick to create and can be accessed at any time during the meeting. You can keep it on the screen whilst you capture new tasks.

Every good meeting has an agenda and when it comes to a meeting series, this tool has you covered.

Create records that support your ISO management system

One of the key requirements in many ISO management systems is around capturing records of review meetings. Capturing the decision reached and the action agreed are core to PDCA Complete’s meeting module and aligns with the requirements of many of the popular ISO standards (such as 9001, 14001 and 45001).

If you use the meeting series too, you can suddenly supercharge your management reviews and the effectiveness of closing down the actions.

ISO management review records
PDF meeting records

Print PDF meeting records

If you have a paid subscription and you need a PDF / paper copy of your meeting’s record then you download one in moments. You can create a PDF report for each meeting or series of meetings, this will show the meetings details and tasks (and their current status).

Keep your meetings private, if you need to

The privileges in PDCA Complete can reflect your organization hierarchy. As such we have ensured that private meeting records stay private.

When you create a new meeting you can select only those that are participating in the meeting itself. When you view the meetings list, you will only see those which you have been participating in.

During the meeting, however, you can still assign tasks to people that aren’t present. They will see the task, but not the entire meeting record allowing you to store confidential meetings on PDCA Complete without concern.

Meeting record privacy

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Free for three users. Start your journey with PDCA Complete today.