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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find the answers to common questions about PDCA Complete below.

Getting started

How do I sign up?

Simply visit the sign up page and register for an account. If you want to upgrade to a paid subscription you can do that from the setup page within the app itself.

How do I login?

Visit the login page and enter your details.

How can I learn how to use the software?

We have full step by step instructions under the Support section of our website. You can also access each feature's instructions from the app by clicking on the ‘i’ icon under the logo.

How do I add additional users?

If you are an Administrator of your account, you can add team members via the Invite page. You will need a paid subscription if you want to have more than three team members.

Can I invite people outside my organization into PDCA Complete?

Yes. Just add the email address into the form on the Invite page and let them follow the link. PDCA Complete is not limited by domain names and the like.

I can’t assign tasks to anyone, how do I do this?

You will need to visit the Setup page and configure who you can assign tasks to, who you can ask for approval and who is a member of your team. Only Administrators can access this page.

Can I review the instructions before I sign up?

Absolutely. Visit our support pages to see how to use the various modules, step by step.

What happens if I forget my login?

Visit the log in page (, enter your email address and click on the ‘Reset Password’ link. You will be emailed with a reset link.

Will this work with my smartphone?

Yes, there is a cut down version of PDCA Complete for use on smartphones. You can download an Android app PDCA Complete. For iOS or other operating systems this works through a browser, so it doesn’t matter what type of phone you have. See Mobile support

Do I need to use a PC to use this platform?

No. As PDCA Complete it browser based it doesn’t matter what kind of operating system you are working on.

Background information

Where is the data hosted?

We use Amazon Web Services to securely store data held within this application.

Where are your policies?

What’s the difference between the free and paid subscriptions?

The big difference is the number of users. We have limited the free account to three users, to help you get to grips with the software and see if it is a good fit for your business. As well as having more team members in the paid subscription, you will also be able to print PDF records, administrate tasks in bulk and upload attachments to your tasks, projects, audits etc…

Do I need to get our IT department involved?

No, PDCA Complete is cloud based and so there is no installation required. Just open your browser, log in and get started.

Does the software connect to the internet?

Yes, this is a cloud platform and does not work offline.

Does the software contain any mal-ware or harmful macros? Harmful sub routines? Harmful coding?


Can I modify the software?

No. If you have suggestions to improve the functionality then you can raise a ticket within the app itself (paid subscriptions only).

Using the software

Can I have more than one administrator?

Yes. The first user to sign up is an administrator by default. When you configure your team (in the Setup page) you can select which user has administrator rights.

What happens when someone leaves?

If you have a paid subscription, you can use the ‘Global Changes’ function to re-assign the tasks to another user. You can also mark the user as no longer current, so you won’t get charged for their part of the subscription.

How many projects and actions does the software hold?


Do I have to use all of the modules?

No, use whatever works best for you. If your organization focuses on auditing and meetings, then just use those modules. The same goes whether it is workflows, ad-hoc tasks or however you work. All tasks flow through to the My Tasks screen, regardless of which modules you do, or don’t, use.

What happens if I accidentally complete a task?

You can use the Archive function to re-issue the task and put it back into My Tasks to be worked on.

Do I need to have an approver on all tasks?

No, this is optional. If you want to make sure that a task is not prematurely closed off, or you want it checked by a separate team member then this is a great option.

Can I email the reports?

Yes.  You can send built-in pdf reports.

ISO Management Systems

Can the software help us with ISO 9001:2015?

Yes, in many ways. We built the software with this in mind.

For example, paragraph 6.3:

When the organization determines the need for changes to the quality management system, are the changes carried out in a planned manner?

Does the organization consider ...

a)    the purpose of the changes and their potential consequences?

b)    the integrity of the quality management system?

c)    the availability of resources?

d)    the allocation or reallocation of responsibilities and authorities?

With the software you can prove how you carried out the changes, it shows you have a planned manner by using the BCS scoring system. Resources include assigning people (allocation or reallocation of responsibilities and authorities) to the improvements (changes) which is tracked by the software. All records are easily retrievable and in one place.

The software lets you track meetings and actions from those meetings to further prove this.

Or, paragraph 7.1.6:

When addressing changing needs and trends, does the organization consider its current knowledge and determine how to acquire or access any necessary additional knowledge and required updates?

For each project, you can make actions such as training or assign people with the knowledge to the action or hire outside experts to help with the action.

Or paragraph 8.1:

Has the organization planned, implemented and controlling the processes needed to meet the requirements for the provision of products and services, and to implement the actions determined in Clause 6 (Planning)?

Waste walking, Audits and 5S audits are built into PDCA Complete. All of 3 of these help to implement and control the processes. Tasks within PDCA Complete provides evidence planning.

Or 8.3.2, Design and development planning:

PDCA Complete supports this section too. You can create projects for each new product. Use PDCA Complete to determine all activities following your product development process. Record all action items for the development and prove the actions were completed.

Plus, you can include all documents for the project within PDCA Complete and track all meetings and related tasks from those meetings.

Or 9.2, Internal Audit:

PDCA Complete includes audit functions. Create an audit checklist for the QMS. Record the expectations. Record the findings. Record the tasks necessary to correct any negative results. Track the audit documentation and supporting documentation within PDCA Complete.

Or, 10. 1 Improvement:

When the organization needs to determine and select opportunities for improvement, PDCA Complete is ideal. With our system you can track and manage the implementation of any necessary actions to meet customer requirements and enhance customer satisfaction.

PDCA Complete is project management software that drives Lean and Continuous Improvement activities. PDCA Complete supports all facets of improvement.

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