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Robust business processes?
Workflows has you covered.

We’ve included a module for issuing complicated, infrequent tasks where critical key steps may be forgotten. We call this module Workflows. 

Examples of Workflows include...

    Never forget a key process step again!

    Within PDCA Complete, for each business process, you can replicate a list of tasks. For each task you define the assignee, approver, and stakeholders.

    You can then issue the workflow at any time. After issuing, all team members will be aware of their tasks as they now appear in their My Task page and they will receive email alerts too.  

    Workflow overview
    Recurring task function

    Save time with recurring workflows

    If you know the workflow will occur on a set frequency, you can define the frequency and PDCA Complete will build out all other instances of the workflow's tasks.

    For example, you can schedule every 'X' weeks, months or years. Or just schedule once for less infrequent Workflows. If you're not sure if the tasks have already been issued, you can click on Current Schedule and it shows the calendar for all the Workflow tasks.

    Automate the mundane

    If you have to keep remembering processes that you don’t use all the time, then our Workflows tool will help you stay on track.

    Do you have eight things to do before a new member of staff can join the team? Map them out, set them up in Workflows and launch every time you get a job offer accepted.

    Do you have twelve things to do when a new client is onboarded? Same here, create the list of tasks, assign them and determine how long each task should take. When you win a new client, launch the workflow.

    If you have a series of steps, you can capture the workflow for consistent execution of your process.

    Workflow list view
    Build fast process workflows

    Save time building workflows

    If you have a process that is similar to another, you can duplicate an existing workflow.

    Quickly edit the workflow to make it into a whole new configuration and you’re good to go!

    PDF reporting available

    If you need to develop your business processes and want to print out what's in PDCA Complete, then you can!

    With our paid subscriptions you can access our PDF report feature. Just open up the workflow you are creating and click the PDF button. Within seconds you'll have a PDF report that you can use however you see fit.

    To upgrade your account is easy. Just visit the Setup page and click on subscribe. Pre-formatted PDF reports are just around the corner.

    digitized processes

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    Free for three users. Start your journey with PDCA Complete today.