About Us

PDCA Complete is the brainchild of Robert Broughton and Giles Johnston. Both are passionate about continuous improvement and effective business management.

Whilst working with consulting clients, to help them improve their operational performance, both of them realized that a few simple changes around task management had a huge impact. It is the 80/20 rule in effect...

What were some of the common issues we found?

Missing tasks

Step 1

People weren't writing down their tasks. They hoped that their memories were good enough, but then the next phone call wiped their memories!

Meeting failures

Step 1

Meetings were taking an age to have their minutes produced, and then no one worked on the tasks in between meetings!

Too many action plans

Step 1

Improvement projects led to having too many tasks coming in from different places. Nineteen action plans is too many for most people...

Detached audits

Step 1

Audits were detached from the ongoing day to day work. Evidence was split up and not easy to collate during external audits.

Lack of prioritization

Step 1

Opportunities for improvement were treated as equal, when clearly some improvements were a lot more potent than others.

Lack of integration

Step 1

ISO management systems were separated from day to day task management. You had to remember to manage both system (despite them being required to be integrated).

Process knowledge

Step 1

Processes had to be memorised. As steps got forgotten, bad habits form and took an age to correct.

Separate to do lists

Step 1

If there was a task management tool in place, then team members had to have another tool just for their to do list.

No task updates

Step 1

Updates about tasks were kept as verbal between meetings, and often forgotten about.

Existing web tools 

Step 1

Existing web based task management tools were too easy to get wrong.

Ticking off the wrong tasks, no user controls and difficulty in seeing what the initial tasks were after they had been checked off.

Who are Robert and Giles?

Robert Broughton

Robert is a Masters Degree educated quality professional. With over twenty five years in quality assurance.

Robert has extensive project management and software development experience and expertise.

Giles Johnston

Giles is a Chartered Engineer, with a background in manufacturing.

Giles specialises in business process improvement and development, notably integrating computer systems with effective business management.

So, we built PDCA Complete!

Robert and Giles had developed a software program before, called Streamliner. It was great, it helped businesses to improve... but it wasn't cloud based.

Let's face it, that's where most software lives nowadays and for good reason.

PDCA Complete lets you overcome all of the challenges listed above:

Centralized Tasks

Step 1

Tasks are fed from a variety of sources (within PDCA Complete) into one effective My Tasks screen, which is different for every user.

Effective meetings

Step 1

Meeting minutes are compiled in real time, with all tasks being distributed live.


Step 1

The Bucket deals with prioritization of improvement opportunities.

Integrated systems

Step 1

Audits are integrated.

ISO management requirements are built in too.

Workflows defined

Step 1

Digital workflows allow business processes to be mapped and rolled out via My Tasks.

Updates on hand

Step 1

The notes function allows everyone to keep up to date with the status of tasks and projects. 


Step 1

Email notifications keep everyone in the loop, as do the visual badges found on the My Tasks page.

Full archive

Step 1

Every task, completed or not, can be reviewed during project reviews and meetings. 

Guesswork, gone!

Step 1

No more trying to remember if you really did ask Steve to do something during the previous review meeting!

But, this one is in the cloud

PDCA Complete is hosted in the cloud. This means that you can access it from any device.

We wanted to do this so that you could jump in a meeting room and throw your data up on a big screen. Or, access the mobile version from your smartphone if you suddenly remember something when you got home from work.

All of the tools are available via a web browser and reduce the amount of time you spend in meetings and following up.

The My Tasks screen is the new hub for those of you that want to work in an efficient and effective manner.

The road to PDCA Complete

After extensive Alpha and Beta testing (in the Construction and Engineering sectors), we rolled out the software.

We have users all over the world, becoming more effective and efficient with their efforts.

Are you ready to join them?

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