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All of your business' tasks, in one place

Why have more than one action list for your business?

Capture actions across all of your business activities and manage them in one place.

Are you ready to spend less time on managing your team and more time getting results?

View team members' tasks

My Tasks

This is your nerve centre.

All of the tasks, wherever they come from within PDCA Complete live here.

See your team's tasks, see your own tasks, see what's updated and sign off the tasks you've been asked to approve.

My Tasks Module

Enhance Teamwork

PDCA Complete takes you away from silo working into full team working.

Add your colleagues to tasks as stakeholders, or approvers, and let them comment on the work being undertaken. The stakeholders can't close out the task but they can contribute with their insights, knowledge and opinions. You still retain full control over task completion and can take advantage of an effective approval process on each and every task.

This approach, in conjunction with the team structure you create within PDCA Complete,  moves you away from working as a group of individuals and towards a high performance team.

teamwork improvement with PDCA Complete


Plan your project tasks and assign actions in a traditional manner.

When your actions have been completed you can still see your full project plan (the tasks aren't hidden in an archive that you need to dig through!).

If you want professionally scope your project, you can using our PID (Project Initiation Document) option.

Manage all project tasks assigned to you via the My Tasks page.


Project task list


Capture actions from all of your meetings in one simple method.

Create standard agendas, view outstanding actions from a meeting series or capture ad-hoc meetings.

Never lose the actions, hoping that your team write something down!

Plus, if you have an ISO management system this will give you a perfect meeting record for your certification.

Standard agendas for meetings

Email Notifications

PDCA Complete utilizes email notifications to keep you and your team in the loop at all times.

From new tasks being assigned to you, approvals being sought, notes being added and task closeout.... PDCA Complete improves communication through your organization.


Capture your business processes as a series of time phased tasks.

Launch your workflows when you need them; one at a time or on a recurring basis.

Never miss a step from your business processes again.

Create digital process workflows


Capture all of your improvement opportunities in one place and park them until you are ready.

Evaluate each opportunity based on our unique prioritisation system called BCS.

When you are ready, launch the opportunity into your business and manage via the PDCA Complete tools.

Bucket prioritisation system


Define the standard for key aspects of your business and then 'go see'.

Generate corrective actions and manage all of the tasks via the My Tasks page.

Carry out Lean improvement audits using our 5S and Waste Walking audits.

auditing software


The time tested 'CCC' (also known as 3Cs or Concern - Cause - Countermeasure) tool is included in PDCA Complete.

Quickly brainstorm concerns with key business processes and activities and generate a continuous improvement plan.

This is a great tool to help engage your teams with improvement activity.

concern cause countermeasure tool


Save time launching repeating tasks.

Get the task crystal clear and then keep it up your sleeve for when you need it again.

Many tasks are the same basic ask, so let's not reinvent the wheel every time!

Launch recurring tasks


Re-launch accidentally completed tasks, or find out what happened with a particular task.

If you need to put a task back into circulation, or you need to demonstrate the effectiveness of your task management system, the Archive is the tool to go to.

Great for external auditing and settling debates about when a task was completed!

User Management

User management, permissions and privacy is at the core of PDCA Complete.

Map out the hierarchy and allow your team members assign and request approval appropriately for your organization.

Built in privacy means that only those team members that are involved with a specific project, meeting (etc...) can see the records. Tasks can still be assigned to team members outside of this group, but the main records are not visible.

Invite colleagues outside of your organization to join you in PDCA Complete too!

User setup and permissions

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Free for three users. Start your journey with PDCA Complete today.