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Find out how things are really going

It’s pretty easy to set a standard and hope for the best. It is another thing to check in and manage the situation. Auditing is perfect for this.

Auditing doesn’t have to be the domain for only quality and safety managers, anyone can audit at any time and PDCA Complete makes this easy.

Our general audits are great for management systems, processes, departments, and organizations. For each finding you can generate as many tasks as you need, which all flow through to the My Tasks module.

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Quickly create and audit

Creating an audit doesn’t have to be time consuming. You can filter by a given area or type and then copy the standards to a new audit. This makes it easy to conduct and document future audits.

Since PDCA Complete is cloud based, you can document the findings in real time. Open up our app on a tablet, capture your findings and generate some tasks. It is that easy.

All evidence in one place

With PDCA Complete you can add all your evidence to your audit, including the audit itself and to the findings.

This can include final audit reports, proof of issues having been closed out or updates on what has happened since the finding.

You no longer have to hunt around to prove that the audit was effective, everything can be stored in one place.

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Instant audit reports

As soon as you have captured your findings and created your tasks, your report awaits.

Clicking on the PDF button allows you to print, email or save a copy of the audit. This includes the associated tasks and is a great way to provide evidence during external audits or for use in team meetings.

The PDF download is a premium feature, available when you upgrade your subscription inside the app.

Drive out waste from your organization

PDCA Complete also includes the Lean tool of Waste Walking.

A Waste Walk audit can help you to identify wastes hidden amongst your teams and processes. Discover and identify defects, overproduction, transport, waiting, inventory, motions, processes, and untapped human potential issues.

Take action with your findings; generate tasks and eliminate the waste! You can document the evidence, findings and tasks for each issue within PDCA Complete.

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Lean 5S auditing software

Improve workplace organization

Conduct Lean 5S audits for any area within your facilities. 5S is a tried and tested system to sequentially improve the efficiency, effectiveness and safety of a workplace.

In PDCA Complete, you can use a pre-defined 5S scoring system to help you assess your workplace. The scores allow you to set a baseline and see improvements as you make changes. Your organization can configure the scoring system to fit your needs.

All 5S improvement tasks flow through to the My Tasks module also.

Mobile friendly

Carry out audits easily and quickly on the move with our mobile version of PDCA Complete.

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Free for three users. Start your journey with PDCA Complete today.