Becoming an affiliate of PDCA Complete

If you work with other organizations and you can see PDCA Complete being a good fit for them, then we have good news for you!

We will pay you 20% of the lifetime fee for the organizations you introduce. Just refer one member of the organization to PDCA Complete. We handle the rest.  

Only one member needs to subscribe for the organization. Once they become a paid account (more than 3 members) you start earning income. As they add members, their user count grows and so will your monthly income. 

As an affiliate, you do not need to be a paid subscriber of PDCA Complete. Just sign up to get your affiliate link. 

To get started just follow these steps.

1. Within your account, click on the Partner with Us link.

2. Enter your PayPal email address (where we will send your money to).

3. Copy the link show in the Referral Link section. You will need to share this with the organizations that you think PDCA Complete is a good fit for. As soon as they use the link to sign up for an account, we link your account with theirs.  

4. When you log into your account you will be able to see which organizations you have brought into PDCA Complete, their subscription status and what the likely earnings are for the present month.

We offer introducers 20% of the monthly fee for the organizations they bring into PDCA Complete. This isn't just for the first month, or year, either. This deal runs for the life of the organization's paid subscription.

To get started, login here.

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