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The PDCA Complete bucket list is a brainstorming tool that lets you collect all possible future ideas to improve your organization. This assures you don't forget anything that can help your journey. You only need to act upon the ideas when your organization is ready.

In addition, the Bucket lets you compare and rate items to each other. PDCA Complete uses a rating system of BCS. BCS stands for Benefit, Cost, and Speed.

Bucket List
BCS priority scoring system

Always work on the ‘biggest bang for your buck’ with the Bucket

The BCS evaluation system is built into the Bucket page. This tool allows you to quickly evaluate each opportunity you have available to you.

The scoring system lets you evaluate:

The BCS scoring criteria can be configured for your organization to help you pin point exactly what is going to be the best use of your resources.

Launch the improvement

When you are ready to launch your preferred improvement, you can push it into other modules within PDCA Complete.

You can convert your opportunity into a project, a meeting series, a workflow, a recurring task, an audit… any other tool with our system.

From here you can use the rest of the tools to manage and execute your improvement; achieving results as fast as humanly possible.

Project launch screen
Quick add to bucket list

Avoid improvement overwhelm

If you feel that you have too much on your plate, you can use the Bucket to hit the pause button.

For on-going tasks that are ad-hoc or quick-add you have the option of moving these tasks to the bucket list. This lets you remove tasks that don't seem to ever get done. You don't forget them, you park them for later and rate them against other uses of your time. You reissue them when you are ready.

This helps keep your task list manageable and focused on the important items.

We can do anything, but not everything!

The Bucket is the best place to store your bright ideas without overwhelming your team.

The storage and management of continuous improvement opportunities is a real skill. Instead of starting fifty improvement projects and finishing none of them, you can be selective. Choose the best five and nail them!

When you have finished a couple, launch another one. This is what the Bucket is all about.

Relative priority ranking system
prioritize continuous improvements

PDF reporting

If you need to get away from the office to review your improvement opportunities and need a PDF report, PDCA Complete is here to help.

With our paid subscriptions you can access our PDF report printer.

Pre-formatted PDF reports are available to help you take your PDCA Complete data offline.

Print out your Bucket list, debate the priorities and update PDCA Complete later on.

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