Using a task management system effectively is definitely a way of life.

To get the most out of one, you need to form the right habits.

Two amazing habits

What are these habits? At the core there are two; capturing everything important that floats past you and managing the resulting lists.

The first habit is developed by making your task management software readily available. The point at which an idea / task pops into your head is when you want to capture it. Keeping PDCA Complete open in your web browser (for example!) whilst you work is one way to do this. Capture, capture, capture. It gets easier to do as time goes on, but you must start somewhere.

The second habit often involves other people. A simple strategy to start managing your lists is to piggy back the review activity onto existing management meetings. If you are having a meeting about improvement opportunities, you can capture the actions directly into PDCA Complete using the Meetings module. If you are having a brainstorming session, you can input opportunities directly into the Bucket module. Instead of having to remember to manage your tasks, you can use your existing routines to extend what you already do well.

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In both cases, developing these habits can really benefit your organization. You don’t have to hold as many things in your head. You gain visibility of what your team need to work on. You can control the change process, and the flow of new projects, into your organization. You can make notable progress.

The spirit of capturing everything, prioritizing, managing and benefitting from the results is core to how we built PDCA Complete. If you haven’t already claimed your free account, you can do so here.

I urge you to look at how you currently capture your business tasks and opportunities, and see if you can find a more effective way, starting today.

Giles Johnston
Giles Johnston

Giles Johnston is a Chartered Engineer that spends his working life helping businesses to become more organized, more efficient and get back in control.