The participation of stakeholders in key tasks, and projects, can make a massive difference to the outcome. Stakeholders often have insights and critical information that can change the perspective we have on our tasks.

Engaging with stakeholders can often be tricky. It is another level of interaction that we need to remember and manage. When we set out to build PDCA Complete, this is one of the challenges we wanted to address.

To add stakeholders to a project, you just need to click on the team icon and then select the stakeholders. This will give them access to the project. They can add notes, actions and input into tasks.

Choose the team icon from the project header
Select your stakeholders and press ‘update stakeholders’

To add stakeholders to specific tasks, to keep them automatically informed of discussions and progress with the tasks, you perform a similar operation. Click on the team icon within the task and add them accordingly.

Open the task and click on the team icon
Select your stakeholders and press ‘update stakeholders’

A good example of using stakeholders is from a finance team that I rolled PDCA Complete out into. There were three people involved with the task. One was undertaking the action, one was signing off the process and there was another person that was knowledgeable about the interaction of the finance processes with the operations side of the business.

During the life of the project, this third person added notes and comments to the tasks that influenced the outcome of the project. If this hadn’t happened, the new finance process would still have worked but not as effectively as it does now.

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In the meantime, take advantage of engaging with your stakeholders in efficient and effective ways.

Giles Johnston
Giles Johnston

Giles Johnston is a Chartered Engineer that spends his working life helping businesses to become more organized, more efficient and get back in control.